Few things mark the importance of Father's Day better than seeing him laid up on the couch indulging in the ultimate display of fatherhood: the Dad Nap. Experienced by children throughout their lives, seeing fathers and father figures resting in their favorite recliner or sprawled out on the sofa is an integral part of growing.

This year, goodMRKT has put together a few items to help facilitate our favorite Father's Day phenomenon and help them recuperate from the craziness we put them through. Whether catching up on some much-needed sleep or simply "just resting his eyes," these gifts from goodMRKT will ensure Dad has the perfect setup for his favorite part of parenthood (probably).



Dads are sensory creatures. Whether calling out a rainstorm 10 minutes before it starts to rain or contemplating the perfect type of wood for a barbeque, fathers, and father figures have an unnaturally keen sense of smell. Help them set up their nap setting with a premium soy-wax blend candle from Ranger Station. With a 40-hour burn time and scents ranging from Old Fashioned, Oakmoss, Lumberjack, Santalum, and more, there's a scent to settle any father into a perfect sensory slumberland.

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Just because a dad can fall asleep within seconds, it doesn't mean he's comfortable. Give your dad a nap covered in a curated level of comfort with a 100% recycled Italian cotton blend blanket from Sackcloth & Ashes. With a six-foot length and a wide-ranging selection of designs, a blanket from Sackcloth & Ashes has the length and look to satisfy every type of dad, from the creative camper to the cultured contractor.




What better way to help send a father to his dad-nap happy place than by gifting him a decadent dose of dark chocolate? You won't find a better dose this Father's Day than Xocolatl's Dark & Salty. The 80% dark chocolate creation creates a low bitterness, high chocolate flavor, while the vanilla-infused sea salt flakes on top add a touch of contrasting crystallized flavor. Perfect for putting a smile on any nap-bound dads. 




Generous coffee is an essential gift for Father's Day because it lets you choose between two different ways of helping produce the perfect dad-nap: before and after. If you choose before, we recommend their incomparable medium roast decaf blend. The smooth, soothing flavor will put any father or father figure into a relaxed, ready-to-rest-up state and start him on his journey to slumberland. If you choose after, the perfect way to perk up Pops is with one of their signature Founder's Flavors. These caffeinated coffee brews will help pop dad right back into parenthood as soon as he wakes up. 

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No matter which coffee route is right for your dad, make sure to deliver the coffee in one of our MudLOVE x goodMRKT collaboration mugs. The signature handless design discretely transfers a consistent warmth from the coffee to the body that's sure to relax even the hardest working hands. And with each mug sold providing one week of much-needed clean water to a community around the world, Dad's cup of coffee will be helping more than just the family he has at home. 

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