In a year that has delivered an endless amount of wonderful surprises, perhaps the most surprising of all is that we are just now celebrating our first anniversary. From taking those first steps into an abandoned retail space dreaming of the change we could create to turning that dream into over 60 brand partnerships, two different retail locations, and one incredible community, it has been an unbelievable road of transformation and change to get here.

And we couldn't be more thankful for the success we've found while envisioning and expanding the goodMRKT community. 

When we first conceived of goodMRKT, it was an attempt to find what was in store for the future of retail. What would the trends be? What direction was the industry moving in? Is it possible to create a retail community about more than just purchasing products? As we started taking the path toward creating what would become goodMRKT, what we found in those early days was beyond anything we could have envisioned. 

Our journey to make goodMRKT a reality allowed us to discover a world of passionate and inspirational entrepreneurs creating unbelievable products. But there was something more.

In addition to the tenacity, courage, and passion required for bringing a dream to life as an entrepreneur, each founder had something different that set them apart. Something new. Something good. And that's when we knew what goodMRKT would represent to the world. 

We would use goodMRKT to build a community where the creators and makers of the world embrace the challenges of the day and dare to make a difference. It would be a community that promotes products with a purpose and is dedicated, above all, to one thing: doing good. Through that dedication, we found the words to define our goodMRKT community.

Good People. 

Great Products. 

Exceptional Causes.

From the beginning, we've been intentional about calling goodMRKT a community because what we are doing--our mission, our vision, our values--begins and ends with people. We are a community of good people creating great products that benefit exceptional causes. The goodMRKT community has helped donate nearly 1,000 blankets to the homeless, supplied over 2,400 gallons of clean water to communities, provided over 1,800 meals for children, and much, much more.

But the thing we think is most important of all; the thing that will give the most significant impact and create the most incredible amount of change for communities worldwide, is that we, and the goodMRKT community, are just getting started. 

We're so proud of everything we've been able to accomplish over these last 12 months, and we can't wait to see what change the goodMRKT community will create in the years to come. Thank you to each of our brand partners, our incredibly dedicated storytellers, and all of the people who helped make this a year to remember. 

Here's to us helping "Grow More Good" in 2022! 


Harry & Mary Beth

Harry Cunningham & Mary Beth Trypus
Co-founders, goodMRKT




From empowering women to create a better life to helping fight childhood hunger, each purchase you make from goodMRKT helps grow the good around the world.