Synergy: Greater than the sum of the individual efforts. 

We are living a synergistic reality as we share the New Hope Girls x goodMRKT collaboration with the world; first through the SOHO goodMRKT experience, again in the flagship goodMRKT store, and now across the goodMRKT website. Wow - so much good! 

New Hope Girls exists to fight darkness in the Dominican Republic; human trafficking, exploitation, and abuse of young girls. With our voices, the work of our hands, and the full strength of our hearts we are committed to advocating for our girls and empowering women. The gorgeous bags we create are part of our prevention arm. We know that economic empowerment, paired with transformational employment, has the opportunity to break cycles and usher in healing. We are small but mighty and need other voices, hands, and hearts in our fight.



Enter goodMRKT and Vera Bradley.

goodMRKT is using their collective voice to tell the world that retail can be for good - a bigger and more beautiful purpose. With their hands, the people of goodMRKT are coming alongside brands like ours to expand our mission and create positive impacts far and wide. And, perhaps most importantly, their hearts are oriented toward the desire to use their platform and power to help others rise; others like us. That is where they bring a value that is immeasurable and that alignment is where the synergy happens.

What we do is about so much more than the bag. As goodMRKT so often reminds us, “The product on the shelf is only half  the story.” Here, the story is about collaboration. It is about high-quality, thoughtful, well-made products that are paired with people who are joining together to accomplish more than we could accomplish alone.



The New Hope Girls x goodMRKT Collaborative Line

There is something striking and aesthetically pleasing about how our two brands have joined together in a way that honors the work and identity of both entities. The goodMRKT x New Hope Girls collaboration features three very familiar silhouettes from our line but in novel ways that makes it truly special. You can shop our Crossbody, Tote, or Pouch style within the collab line, all of which were handmade by our artisans in the Dominican Republic. The intentional selection of a black denim material, sourced in the DR, is a subtle nod to the sleek style of the Storytellers who work at goodMRKT. 

The New Hope Girls logo has historically been stamped on a square of brown leather, then affixed to our bags. For this collaboration, we wanted to mutually honor our brand style with the goodMRKT brand. That’s why you’ll find our logo stamped on black leather and proudly displayed on our bags. On both the crossbody and the tote bags you will also find the goodMRKT logo with a black thread embroidery on the black denim - so sleek.

One of the features that I love the most is how the collaborative tote features the goodMRKT tagline, “You belong here” in both English - and Spanish. The translated tagline, “tú perteneces aquí” is a powerful reminder that the good is for all of us. 

That’s not it though. For this collaboration, we felt it important to introduce a material that has the feel of goodMRKT, so we created a beautiful black leather pouch with our logo directly debossed into the material. It is a classy and powerful addition to your collection that spreads the gift of good.



More Good

Without question, this collaboration is resulting in more good. More people will become aware of our mission and fight in the Dominican Republic. Our bags are being invited into “more” as we incorporate new materials. And the teams, who have poured into this collaboration, are all being encouraged to do more good with their gifts, talents, experiences, and passions. This collaboration truly represents our ability to do more good when we do it together.


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From empowering women to create a better life to helping fight childhood hunger, each purchase you make from goodMRKT helps grow the good around the world.