Fast-rising country music duo Walker County has partnered with ABLE and goodMRKT to create the MIRROR MIRROR collection, a selection of their favorite products that help empower women, uplift voices, and celebrate beauty in all its forms.

Inspired by "Mirror Mirror," the focus track from Walker County's brand new No Smoke and Mirrors EP, the collection signifies the importance of finding the true reflection of your own inner beauty and using what you see to envision a better world.

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What is the story behind the song "Mirror, Mirror" and what does it mean to you?

We wrote “Mirror Mirror” with two amazing songwriters, Jen Schott and Autumn McEntire. It was a song that needed to be written and was poured out into the room within 45 minutes of starting the write. I think we realized the importance of putting the song out when the very first time we ever played it live, opening for Wynonna Judd a few years back, we got a standing ovation in the middle of the set. Every time we played it live after that we would receive messages and women coming up to us after the show with tears in their eyes, telling us how much they needed that song. We sing that song every show for not only the women in the audience, but for ourselves as well… telling ourselves we are enough… we are all beautiful.

Talk about your female role models growing up and what they taught you?

We have a lot of female role models when it comes to music, but the biggest role model we had growing up was our mother. Our mom was and still is authentically herself. She let us express ourselves through clothes and music, and never once told us we were wrong in the way we did it. She still to this day is one of our biggest role models and someone we go to for advice.

What is your favorite thing about being a woman?

There seems to be a mold that many of us feel pressure to fit. We love pushing the boundaries. Being a woman can mean many things and we embrace every side of it.

Why is it important to you to support female empowerment?

Women supporting women is the only way we are going to see change. If the men are not going to do it, it is our job to be intentional, and show support to one another. Lift each other up in times of doubt, share the war stories, give each other advice. We truly can do anything.

What is your hope for women across the world?

We hope that women know how beautiful and wonderfully made they are…. That our imperfections are what makes us perfect. We hope when they hear our song “Mirror Mirror” they know they are not alone in the daily struggles to find self acceptance.


Listen to Walker County's single, "Mirror Mirror"



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